Beat the Heat!

Have you been feeling like there is no way to escape the 100 degree heat? Here are some COOL ways to keep yourselves refreshed this summer.

Heat is all around us and most of the time we don’t even notice it. How many of you like your hot morning coffee or hot showers at the end of a long day?I can guess that is most of us, but applying heat and ingesting hot food and beverages can increase our overall body temperature, making it much more uncomfortable on a hot summer day.

Eat refreshing foods.

It’s time for fruits and veggies to shine! These cool and juicy treats are great ways to stay refreshed. Just pull them out of the refrigerator and dip into a nut butter or dipping sauce of your choice and watch yourself immediately feel cooler. I know a lot of us like our snacks and meals just a bit spicy, but consider giving yourself a bit of a break during the day when the temperature is at its highest.

Use cooling herbs.

During the summer months try to stay away from heating herbs such as cinnamon, cayenne and ginger and use more mints and lemon-based spices. These will help your meals stay refreshing and cool. Also consider that when making teas and smoothies to cool you down while going out and about your day.

Also don’t forget to drink lots of fluids and wear protective gear like sunglasses, hats and sunblock when going out in the sun! Enjoy the beautiful weather and stay well!

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