It’s that time of year again where everyone starts looking to improve their health and possibly shed some of that winter weight! Here are some thoughts before getting started on a weight loss path.


Starting off weight loss with a detox is a great way to rid our bodies of toxins and jump start the weight loss process. Toxins and poor diet choices can cause our bodies to "back up" and our metabolic processes to slow down. Having our bodies go through the cleansing process can help us break bad diet habits and prep for a clean and healthy diet overhaul!

Food For Thought

There are many different perspectives on weight loss. Starvation, crash or severe calorie restriction diets can actually cause weight gain by slowing metabolism, reducing calorie burning, and increasing fat storage.

Starvation, crash or severe calorie restriction diets with rapid weight loss, can cause the following:

· Prolonged hunger

· Depression

· Reduced sex drive

· Fatigue

· Irritability

· Fainting

· Decreased muscle tone

· Gallbladder disease

· Constipation

· Dehydration

· Lowered metabolism

· Subsequent weight re-gain

Food is the fuel for our body’s fire. Find the best plan that works for you, but remember to support all body and organ functions during this time.

Be active

Take advantage of the warm weather and get outside! Exercise doesn’t need to be so daunting and definitely doesn’t need to be indoors in a gym. Go for a hike, work in your garden, get in the pool, go out dancing! There are many ways to stay active and support a good metabolism while trying to lose weight. Find what works for you and get to it!


Restful sleep is a key part of weight loss and studies have shown decreased hours of sleep being a risk factor for weight gain. Be sure to set up good sleep habits! Beds are for sleeping and intimacy, so leave all that office work away from there. Sleep in total darkness by shutting down electronics, turning off house lights and using black-out curtains. Darkness helps our bodies to attain full relaxation and we can achieve deeper and more restful sleep quality, which prevents weight gain.

When considering different plans of weight loss, decipher if the plan will provide you with the essentials your body needs to be and stay healthy!

*Be sure to consult your physician before starting any weight loss regimen.

Stay well!

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